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VLC is the open source and free cross platform as the multimedia player which plays almost all the multimedia files as VCD, CD, Audio and even DVD. It is called as one of the highly portable multimedia player with supports large number of video and audio formats. It can be used as server for streaming the multicasting and unicasting too. Its default interface is stripped down player which belies on the functionality if VLC’s and its features. Skinning well can fix it quickly and behavior can be bit unpredictable based on skin quality. The open source foundation of VLC’s and its community ensures that it is the one which evolves quickly with new fixes and features released.

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The VLC media player is reference video player for all video files as well as for the streaming videos. Downloading it is free for all the operating systems as mobile, MAC, windows, Linux and others. It provides extensive compatibility with famous video and audio formats like MP4, MP3. MP2, Ogg, MKV, FLV. It is the open source project of Video LAN. One can get the original files too. it is not one player that can play videos but it is called as the best due to its easy access of usage and even the wide compatibility with all popular audio or video formats.

In latest release, the users can even scroll through video frame that allows all for varying the play back speed at their own choice and even for recording the streaming video. You can get the VLC Player Download for PC today. This interface is customizable completely so that one can rearrange instruments as per their own taste. There is no tool of air tunes streaming and there are better integration with the environments of Gtk. Great thanks go to set of these native codecs, which offers extensive compatibility with famous video and audio formats as Ogg, MP4, MP3 and others which have the support for all the compressed files play back.

The interface of the VLC Player Download for PC is intuitive and simple. It can also be well used by both novice and expert. The VLC media player is reference player for all streaming videos and video files. Download it for free for today that allows all its users to enjoy its benefits completely.