Router Login and Setup

Router IP Address

To set up the basic wifi connection of your house, you will require a router setup. The router works as a medium and enables the wifi connection which can be connected with multiple devices. Internet is prone to a lot of transparency and therefore, each router comes with its own security for safe surfing.

It is a private connection IP address used by most of the small house routers to identify them with the network. In technical terms, it is known as ‘16-bit block address space’.  Some of the companies with use this IP address include TP Link, Thomson, CenturyLink, Billion, Aztech, 2Wire, Gigabyte, Netopia etc.

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You need to setup the router with the help of a Login ID and Password to access the internet connection. But first, you need to confirm the IP address of your router. Once you get the IP address, you can easily access the Admin page of your router.

How to Determine the IP Address of Your Router

After finding out your default IP address, the next step is the router setup. For this, you will be required to configure the router with your computer. Follow the instructions given in the user manual carefully, and connect the router to your PC.

The configuration of the router with the computer is called the external setup. To enable the wifi, you need to set up things internally i.e. login to the server of the router. We now have the IP address with us.

The Following Steps Will Help You login to Your Router:

   →Username- admin or Admin

   →Password- Password, Admin, password or admin.

layer - Download Free Games and Software for Windows PC

VLC is the open source and free cross platform as the multimedia player which plays almost all the multimedia files as VCD, CD, Audio and even DVD. It is called as one of the highly portable multimedia player with supports large number of video and audio formats. It can be used as server for streaming the multicasting and unicasting too. Its default interface is stripped down player which belies on the functionality if VLC’s and its features. Skinning well can fix it quickly and behavior can be bit unpredictable based on skin quality. The open source foundation of VLC’s and its community ensures that it is the one which evolves quickly with new fixes and features released.

Get the VLC Player Download for PC now

The VLC media player is reference video player for all video files as well as for the streaming videos. Downloading it is free for all the operating systems as mobile, MAC, windows, Linux and others. It provides extensive compatibility with famous video and audio formats like MP4, MP3. MP2, Ogg, MKV, FLV. It is the open source project of Video LAN. One can get the original files too. it is not one player that can play videos but it is called as the best due to its easy access of usage and even the wide compatibility with all popular audio or video formats.

The Best Condenser Microphones for Pro and Home Studios

A condenser microphone is a device that lets the users to record their vocals along with other musical instruments without any disturbance from unnecessary noises. It is quite sensitive device that offers great sound quality and reduces or completely eradicates the background noises. You can make use of the condenser microphones in different locations like in studio, stage, home and many other places. In this post, you can check out the list of the best Condenser Mics available for all the users. Have a glimpse1

  1. Behringer B-1 Studio Condenser

Behringer B-1 Studio Condenser is one of the best condenser microphones present in the current digital market. This condenser sports a 1 inch gold-sputtered dual diaphragm with enhanced transparency and many other features. This works in addition with the cardioid polar pattern in order to get best clarity. It comes equipped with a roll off switch so that you can handle it with much ease. The price of this Behringer Studio Condenser is $100 and is available to purchase from the Amazon e-commerce firm. One of the limitations of this condenser is that it is quite week sometimes. It requires some adjustments in order to switch the mics.

  1. AKG C214

It has a large diaphragm with the best affordable price option available. It offers the best sound quality and it is pretty much beneficial for all the users to record different solo instruments and also major vocals. This microphone is useful on the stage as well as in the closed studio. If you are looking for the best balanced studio condenser then this AKG mic is the perfect preference. This device has a complete metal body and it is both shock and scratch-proof.

How to Download vShare for iOS 9.2 - Install vShare App iOS 9.2

vShare is a tool which allows an iOS device to get the most application installed for free. This is an interface application which let you go through the games and apps found for pay in the iTunes store. the vShare app is the best application developed by the expert developers as it can be installed on both jailbroken or un-jailbroken device. We find much application which supports to install the App but the iPhone to be jailbroken. So here we got you vShare App that easily installs on the iOS device and let you download an application for free. This app isn’t available in the App store; it must be downloaded from its official site.

Here in this article, we got the guide that will let you install vShare App in your iOS 9.2. As this app is available for iOS version above iOS 8.3, we can get it on the iOS 9.2 within quick steps. This App is secure one and won’t affect your device, in any case, so freely download and install vShare App for iOS 9.2 by going through our guide.

iOS Version Supported by vShare App:

below are the iOS Version that supports vShare App and can be installed on them.

How to Download vShare for iOS 9.2:

Here we get you the direct process to install the vShare App from its official website. As this App isn’t allowed in Apple store we will be downloading it from online directly. Go through the steps correctly to install vShare App.

ShowBox for iPhone/iPad - Download Free iOS App

Apart from boring life with loads of work, allotting some time for getting relief is always essential and it is also human nature. Instead of being a machine with a regular amount of work, seeking some entertainment will always help you to keep your mind free. In this case, we can see a lot of applications have been poured for the people who want a lot of fun to get joy. However, we should admit to the fact that getting satisfied with the better applications is always less. But Showbox application is the app that provides you with the best of the best stuff in an easy way. It is possible to use showbox app on iphone without jailbreak? Read this showbox guide to know everything.

Usually, when it comes to search for movies and TV serials, people will get suffer without finding the respective sites to watch. In this case, Showbox Movies Apk application takes a stand for the people in terms of providing the videos to users. By using this amazing application, you can watch an unlimited number of videos from movies to serial without any difficulties. This application is available for free to download on your device. This Android application is easy to access by the users when it comes to streaming the videos.

Showbox for iphone

Listed below with key features of Showbox application

Here we are providing some of the exciting features to check. Hope it will be helpful for all the users that who want to download this application on their device.



Turn your cheap laptop into a wireless internet laptop

It's easy... but first let's see what wireless technology can do for you. Having a wireless internet laptop can be to your advantage in many ways... After setting up your first wireless internet laptop you can connect it to several other laptops and PCs and they will have one common wireless network to share and copy files, use printers and play music and multi-player games. Other than this you simply get wireless access to the internet. You can take your laptops up to 300 feet away from your router and still have great internet connection.


What you need to set up a wireless Internet laptop


In order to go wireless internet you need to have high speed internet connection. Wireless internet equipment does not work on dial-up 56k modems, you need to have a high-speed Cable or DSL Internet connection.


Why does Internet connection matter?


Setting up Wireless Internet laptop & Home Wireless NetworkBecause... the easiest way to set-up a wireless internet laptop at home is to create a home wireless network. Now if you're wondering how a home wireless network is established, it's simple: you use your existing high speed Internet connection in combination with a wireless router. A router connects directly to the Cable modem or DSL modem.


What is a wireless router?


A router does two things: first it provides a wireless network, and second it makes internet available to that same wireless network. A router becomes an access point that transmits wired internet through radio waves, kind of like a tower transmits to your cell phone.


Becoming a wireless laptop with a wireless network card


In order for your laptop to recognize the radio waves transmitted by the router you need to install a wireless network card (also called NIC card, PCMCIA card, PC card, Bus card LAN card or Internet card) in each laptop your planning to be part of your wireless network. Installing  Wireless NIC Cardthe wireless card is easy and when installing it Windows will ask you to set up a unique id for each laptop. This way each laptop will recognize each other on your wireless network and you'll be able copy files between laptops and share Internet connection, printer and other peripherals. That's all there is to it... now you have a wireless internet laptop. Wireless NIC card - a credit card-size object that fits into the network card slot, commonly located on the side of a laptop, the NIC receives and transmits signals from/to a wireless network.


The location of the router or access point is somewhat important


Depending on your router, up to 32 computers can be connected to the same home wireless network ... so the location of the router should not be clogged with other electronic equipment that transmits radio waves on the same frequency (2.4 GHz). Place your wireless router away from computers, televisions, microwaves and cordless phones etc. Note: when you have a wireless connection a wired one can still be used. They do not interfere with one another so you can leave your wired connection in place. Wireless connection is not slow! While wireless products cannot equal the speed of a wired Ethernet connection, many allow users to transmit information at an average transfer rate up to 11 Mbits/sec (1.375 MB/sec), or nearly 25 times faster than a 56K dial-up connection.


What is Wi-Fi or what do you need to know about the wireless standard?


Currently there are several wireless standards offered, and they differ in transfer speed, frequency and distance range. The Wi-Fi is one of the standards that tends to be less expensive and is currently the most widely used. And for it's low price it delivers the best connection range (approximately 1000 ft in open areas, up to 400 ft in closed areas). Often Wi-Fi is referred to as 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11(b), and it transfers data at up to 22 Mbits/sec (2.75 MBytes/sec) on a frequency of 2.4 GHz. When shopping for wireless routers and NIC cards make sure they are of the same Wi-Fi standard, though, they can be bought from different manufacturers. Note: products won't be compatible across standards (a Wi-Fi router will not work with a Wi-Fi5 NIC). Here's some Wi-Fi compliant routers and NIC cards that you will need to purchase to set up your wireless laptop and establish your home wireless network...


I found these best deals on www.tigerdirect.com:


If your laptop doesn't have wireless NIC card built-in then get it here. Before you buy, make sure that your laptop has one NIC card slot available (this slot may be already taken by the 10/100 Ethernet card that you use for your wired connection - wired and wireless NIC cards look a like and fit into the same slots - then in the worth case you could change them as you need them - NIC cards are easy to put in or take out by pushing a button next to the slot.)


Trendware 11Mbps Wireless CardBus PCMCIA Network Adapter


Low interference and high susceptibility guarantee reliable performance


PCMCIA CardBus interface; supports hot swap and true plug-and-play.


Built-in Diversity Antenna with LEDs indicating Link status


Uses 2.4 GHz frequency band


Provides drivers for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP


Distance coverage 30 to 100 meters indoors, 100 to 300 meters outdoors


... and here's a bit more expensive but faster card


U.S. Robotics 22Mbps Wireless PC Card


Faster speed, greater range, better coverage!


Built-in security protects against hackers


Simple 1-2-3 Installation


Compatible with all 11 Mbps 802.11b wireless standard products - automatically adjusts to the fastest rate possible: 22 Mbps or 11 Mbps


Greater range - better area coverage than conventional 11 Mbps wireless products


Superior security: 64/128/256-bit WEP encryption provides improved protection over 11 Mbps wireless products


The second thing you would have to purchase is the wireless router that you will connect directly to your high speed internet port - this would be your DSL or Cable modem.


TRENDnet TEW-311BRP IEEE 802.11b 22Mbps Wireless Access Point


Provides up to 22Mbps data speed. Also functions as a firewall, protecting your network from hackers. Surf and share the Internet with TRENDnet’s TEW-311BRP with the ease of knowing that your computers and information are safely protected.


IEEE 802.11b Wireless Standard


Fixed 2dBi Antennas


Supports Cable Modem/xDSL Modem with Dynamic/Static IP


Channels: 11 Channels (US & Canada)


Wireless Data Rate: 22Mbps, 11Mbps, 5.5Mbps, 2Mbps, and 1Mbps


Frequency Range: 2.4GHz


Distance coverage 30 to 100 meters indoors, 100 to 300 meters outdoors


Provides drivers supporting Windows 98 (SE)/ME/2000/XP


If you're only planning to have one wireless laptop now and in the nearest future than you will save money by buying a Wireless Kit that is a router and a card sold in a bundle:


TRENDnet TEW-311BRP IEEE 802.11b - 22Mbps Wireless Network Kit




Same as above


NIC card


Extended PCMCIA Type II


Internal Patch Antenna


LED Indicator: Link

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