The Best Condenser Microphones for Pro and Home Studios

A condenser microphone is a device that lets the users to record their vocals along with other musical instruments without any disturbance from unnecessary noises. It is quite sensitive device that offers great sound quality and reduces or completely eradicates the background noises. You can make use of the condenser microphones in different locations like in studio, stage, home and many other places. In this post, you can check out the list of the best Condenser Mics available for all the users. Have a glimpse1

  1. Behringer B-1 Studio Condenser

Behringer B-1 Studio Condenser is one of the best condenser microphones present in the current digital market. This condenser sports a 1 inch gold-sputtered dual diaphragm with enhanced transparency and many other features. This works in addition with the cardioid polar pattern in order to get best clarity. It comes equipped with a roll off switch so that you can handle it with much ease. The price of this Behringer Studio Condenser is $100 and is available to purchase from the Amazon e-commerce firm. One of the limitations of this condenser is that it is quite week sometimes. It requires some adjustments in order to switch the mics.

  1. AKG C214

It has a large diaphragm with the best affordable price option available. It offers the best sound quality and it is pretty much beneficial for all the users to record different solo instruments and also major vocals. This microphone is useful on the stage as well as in the closed studio. If you are looking for the best balanced studio condenser then this AKG mic is the perfect preference. This device has a complete metal body and it is both shock and scratch-proof.

  1. MXL Condenser Microphone

MXL 990 Condenser Microphone is one of the best condenser microphones that sport a 3/4 inch gold-sizzled diaphragm. The frequency response of this microphone ranges between 30Hz and 20 KHz. It works perfect at high and low frequencies in the best way. It maintains the sound in a balanced and transparent manner. It works perfect for vocals, acoustic instruments in home studio kind of locations. The price of this condenser microphone is $100. It is the best affordable and quality device available in the market.

  1. Audio Technica

Audio Technica is the best condenser microphone that lets the users to get great quality of sound at home. It produces great mono sound and works balanced in different environments. It has 3 different polar patterns that reduces the surrounding noise and helps in generating excellent sounds. This microphone comes with omni-directional pattern that helps in recording with numerous people. The price of this Audio Technica is just $99. On the whole, it is the budget-friendly condenser microphone available for all the users in the market.

  1. Blue Microphone

It is one of the popular condenser mics available for all the consumers that offer high quality audio. It is perfect for recording as well as best for different communication apps. This microphone supports Mac and other Windows PC computers. In order to make use of this microphone, you need to install recording software.

  1. Samson C01

It is another best condenser microphone available in the market for all the users. The price of this condenser is $70. This device comes with a big capsule 19mm diaphragm design and it is best suitable for vocals as well as acoustic instruments. This offers the best quality and reliable for all the users. It works best for acoustic guitars and especially vocals of men.