Router Login and Setup

Router IP Address

To set up the basic wifi connection of your house, you will require a router setup. The router works as a medium and enables the wifi connection which can be connected with multiple devices. Internet is prone to a lot of transparency and therefore, each router comes with its own security for safe surfing.

It is a private connection IP address used by most of the small house routers to identify them with the network. In technical terms, it is known as ‘16-bit block address space’.  Some of the companies with use this IP address include TP Link, Thomson, CenturyLink, Billion, Aztech, 2Wire, Gigabyte, Netopia etc.

You need to setup the router with the help of a Login ID and Password to access the internet connection. But first, you need to confirm the IP address of your router. Once you get the IP address, you can easily access the Admin page of your router.

How to Determine the IP Address of Your Router

After finding out your default IP address, the next step is the router setup. For this, you will be required to configure the router with your computer. Follow the instructions given in the user manual carefully, and connect the router to your PC.

The configuration of the router with the computer is called the external setup. To enable the wifi, you need to set up things internally i.e. login to the server of the router. We now have the IP address with us.

The Following Steps Will Help You login to Your Router:

   →Username- admin or Admin

   →Password- Password, Admin, password or admin.